Pinapps goes social!

Posted on Jul 17, 2013

Pinapps goes social!

We are excited to announce that Pinapps new version is now available in Google Play Market!

The latest version is enhanced with many amazing new features that will turn your app discovery to a whole different level.

A social one!

What is new ? 

- Invite your facebook and twitter friends to join the Pinapps Community

- add users as your Pinapps friends



- discover which apps your friends have recently downloaded

- find out the users that downloaded an application lately


- stick with the activity of the Pinapps Community or specifically with your friends activity


- send an application directly to a friend in the touch of a button

- new amazing rebranded UI



Pinapps is social to the bone!

Join us now,

Find the next apps for your smartphone

Share them with your friends!

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